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While Detroit Wedding Photo recommends multiple Detroit wedding photographers and Detroit wedding venues, there is only one Detroit wedding transportation provider that we recommend, and that's Party Bus Detroit! Where many people choose traditional limousines for their big day, we most highly recommend a limo bus, because they are spacious, elegant, multi-featured, and multi-faceted. Party Bus Detroit has handled hundreds of weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and bachelor parties over the years, and we've taken advantage of their services multiple times for our own parties. There's no other party bus company or limousine company in Detroit that we would recommend above Party Bus Detroit. They are the hands-down winner.

Party Bus Detroit WeddingsParty Bus Detroit offers a huge selection of buses to choose from, from mid-sized elegant white party buses that seat 20 to 30 guests, to sizzling hot pink party buses that seat 18-20 guests (perfect for bachelorette parties and bridal showers!), to gorgeous black or white massive buses seating 30-40 guests, and even to their inimitable 18 passenger white Hummer limo which makes an unforgettable impression for weddings and bachelor parties! You can rent one vehicle or many from Party Bus Detroit depending on your needs, and in any combination of models to suit the needs of each group of wedding guests.

Their vehicles include soft glowing LED, fiber optic, and/or color-changing lights that really set the tone for a beautiful day and evening on the road to celebrate your wedding. The privacy tinted windows ensure complete privacy, so even if you want to dance or get crazy on the stripper pole (again, so perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties!), nobody beside you on the road will be spying or making you feel shy!

The high tech features that make Party Bus Detroit vehicles so wonderful for your wedding day include HDTVs with DVD players, which means that you can play romantic home videos of yourself and your bride-to-be or groom-to-be, or even play some of the romantic comedy flicks that you perhaps went to see when you were first dating. Anything that conjures up thoughts of love and romance is just right. There are also expensive audio systems in each vehicle so you can play either CDs or hook up your MP3 player, and what easier way is there to listen to a mixtape playlist of "Our Songs" on the day that you tie the knot?

Party Bus Detroit Red Carpet ServicePerhaps the best thing about traveling in a party bus on a wedding day or any other day of the year is that you can stock the built-in bar with your favorite drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks. If you used your own transportation, you wouldn't legally be allowed to drink and live it up in the vehicle, and you'd have to find a designated driver. In a party bus, you can keep the bubbly flowing even during the drive from the ceremony to the reception, and all of your friends and family can dance and enjoy themselves on the crisp hardwood floors, or just relax on the comfortable custom leather seats.

They say that a party bus from Party Bus Detroit is like a private nightclub on wheels, and that is definitely true. It's an excellent "extra reception venue" to take advantage of in between destinations, and a nice place to escape even during the reception if you want a few moments of sweet solitude with your new hubby or new wife. If you would like more information about our one and only recommendation for a limo bus company for your wedding day, go ahead and visit Party Bus Detroit!