Detroit Wedding Photo | 10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

When you're talking to your wedding photographer about the shots that you really want included in your album, Detroit Wedding Photo has some recommendations for you! These are our ten most necessary wedding photos, not necessarily in any particular order. Every couple has their own style and taste, and as you go through this list together, you'll instinctively pick out the ones that you know will be perfect for you. Detroit Wedding Photo wishes you a very elegant and romantic wedding, and the pictures will be the proof!

#1 - The First Kiss. The essential shot that trumps all others is of course the very first kiss between you two as man and wife. When you say "I do" and your lips lock, make sure the photographer is there to capture that moment. It's great to get different angles of this, particularly one that shows all of the guests while you're kissing!

#2 - The World Stops. An experienced photographer will be able to take a photograph of you two kissing in the midst of a busy dance floor or in front of all the guests at the ceremony, and they'll be able to use effects in Photoshop to isolate the two of you in color while the rest of the guests are paused in black and white. There's no better way to show that the rest of the world really stops when the two of you are together.

#3 - Your Love Lifts Me Higher. The groom lifting the bride in the air is always an elegant shot, especially with a nose-to-nose Eskimo kiss or perhaps a full-on-the-lips smooch!

#4 - Holding Your Parents' Wedding Photos. If you and your partner are lovers of tradition, and if you are continuing the tradition of marriage that both of your parents upheld, there's nothing more beautiful than a shot of you two holding your parents' wedding photos. It also makes a very special gift for them.

#5 - A Dip on the Dance Floor. Of course you've got to have a photo of the hubby dipping the bride on the dance floor!

#6 - A Kiss in the Grass. Especially if you're having an outdoor wedding, a shot of the two of you lying in the grass kissing or holding hands is romantic and whimsical. For an autumn wedding, the lawn strewn with yellow, orange, and red leaves is truly a striking look.

#7 - A Photo With the Marriage License. Holding up that romantic and fabled piece of paper that essentially says "we belong to each other" is truly a classic pose.

#8 - Wrapped Up in The Veil. Wrap the veil around yourself and the groom for a sweet and subtle kiss!

#9 - Through the Rings. You can have the photographer take a photo of you through your wedding ring for a unique perspective and a very romantic ambiance!

#10 - Encircled by Love. Have all the wedding guests gather around you in a heart shape and let the photographer capture this from high above. This is an unusual shot that you don't see too often, and it holds a lot of meaning for everyone in the shot.

Bonus! A Warm Wedding Day Thank You! - May we suggest a photo of the bride and groom holding up a sign that says "thank you"? This will make a perfect front cover for your thank you cards!

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